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MediaManagerBundle Version 1.0

Definition: MediaManagerBundle is a Symfony 2 Bundle which gives you the possibility to have a Media Library in your project and associate easily theses medias with any object of your project.

With This Bundle, you have the possibility to create your medias, list your medias, to do a multiple uploads of your medias images and the most important, this Bundle gives you the possibility to associate them with your objects.

For example, imagine you have an Article Entity and you want to associate Image(s) to your articles. With this Bundle no problem :-) .

The git repo is
All the documentation to install it is written.

The bundle is in its first version so don’t hesite to give me pull for correction/bugs/evolve

Jordan Samouh

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3 réponses à MediaManagerBundle

  1. Sam dit :


    Thank you for your help.

    have ever used thi bundle?

    Have you a sample of code that you can send me or publish because I don’t know how to use it…

    Moreover I have an error with // Application Bundles
    new Application\Sonata\MediaBundle\ApplicationSonataMediaBundle(),

    I don’t have into my directory ApplicationSonataMediaBundle class

    Thanks for all

  2. Sam dit :


    I really watt to use it but i dont know how. Have you a pièce of code as: how to associate to a new object

    How to read t hem?

    Thanks for all

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